Halo (Video Games)

The Xbox and Xbox 360 started a revolution in video game technology and offered a platform for great games to be create. The halo series from Bungie studios is just one of the great things to come of the Xbox's apperance. The minute that Halo Combat Evolved was released I could barely stop myself from freaking out because of how awesome it was. Then Halo 2 appeared and the online sensation began! I remember when I could barely muster a level 28 in team slayer, these day's we're looking at a not too shabby level 45 in Team Slayer Halo 3, which I am quite proud of. I would like to have a 50, but unfortunatly I don't get online enough to reach level 50.

A short word of advice that I would like to share regarding getting recon for Halo 3. Do not, I repeat Do Not ever, and I mean ever even think about trying to get the Vidmaster: Endrure achievement with one that you can't trust your real life with. I can almost guarentee that you won't after hearing that I attempted to get it with three other respectably good players. All capable of geting a 40 maybe a 50 on their own. Anyways we played for close to two hours and reached the last wave on the final set and lost 12 lives all because one of the guys we were playing with went to eat dinner during the final wave. If anything is more horse shit than that please tell me.What i'm really saying is the endure achievement is called endure for a reason and if you want recon you be prepared to play for two hours or maybe more. I'm talking piss packs and meal delivery here, or you'll never see that glimmering recon Armour.

On a more positive note it is worth mentioning all the good things that come out of the Halo series. Sure it may just be a game, but it is also a pass time and a good way to play with and against new people of all skill levels. It is also a great way to play with people you already know who are hundreds of miles away or even in your very own neighborhood. Some of best times are when the you are just sitting back messing about in Forge on Halo 3 or getting into cool places in halo 2 with some of you buddies. Take a Look at some of the screen shots below and the short blurb that goes with them.