I don't know about anyone else but for some reason I have a hardwired attraction to watches which most people consider very expencive. I suppose a good way of describing it would be a fascination. Something about the precision and fine craftsmanship and mechanics makes spending the money well worth it. Most people I come across really don't understand why I would be willing to spend more than $500 on a watch, which is close to the bottom of the barrel for alot of watch collectors. But I think that most people haven't taken the time that the rest of us watch lovers have to fully understand the beauty and and intricate mechanics which lies inside.
Welcome to my watch gallery, where you can view my slowly but surly growing watch collection. It seems that between all the extreme sports and action packed days, the fascination of time and fine mechanics still has its place.

 Above you will see my entire collection to this date. Which consists of two Nixon watches, The Banks (left) and The Tach (right). Anyone looking to find a review on either of these timepieces feel free to ask and i will provide a detailed review.

Nixon's The Banks
I will also be receiving my first automatic watch in a couple of day's, The infamous Orange Monster from Seiko and again if anyone wants to hear what i think just ask and i will provide a detailed
review. Either way i will be posting some pictures of my new baby!

So my Seiko Orange Monster that i ordered from came in yesterday. Now if you've already done some research and read some reviews then you will know that it is hard to find any negative reviews about the Monster, period. And as much as I try to say something new or set about my own path, I think that finding any truthful bad words to say about this watch will be difficult. So here's the review.

When i opened the box and revealed the SK781 better known as the Orange Monster, I was quite surprised and actually quite relieved at how small it was. I mean relative to my other watches it is big, however i was not sure if it would look right on my 6 and a half inch wrist. But much to my surprise it looks fantastic. So those of you with small wrists fear not because it will probably look just fine. The second thing that i noticed was that the pictures simply do not do it justice. Everything looks better in real life and the OM is no exception. Lets face it, the thing looks sweet.

The quality, well it is only a day old but as far as i fan see everything looks pretty solid. The whole thing is nice, it feels solid, it looks solid, it is solid. The crown feels good seems a little tight to unscrew however it is my first dive watch and i have not had a screw down crown before so I can't say too much about that. Another thing worth mention is the Lume paint it looks great and everyone who has one of these knows it. Other than that i can't say much so far, As I see things I will add them to the review but so far the bottom line is it's well worth the 200 or so dollars and I think it would make a great first watch.

The reality is that this watch is, just like everyone else say's, an excellent value. The price/quality ratio is high. I mean really my Nixon Banks came out to exactly $508, and my Tach ran me down about $275 and I feel that the OM is more valuable to me than either of those. You may be thinking well this guy's just excited about his new watch but really i think that this is more of more like chronic heartburn than an simple cold. I think that It may have a lot to do with the fact that it is a mechanical movement. The idea of a watch being powered by a fine mesh of springs and gears really turns my crank for some reason. Something about the Quartz watches makes them a little less appealing, probably because they are not as interesting on the inside. Also the fact that it is fairly large compared to my other watches makes it even cooler, it definitely has a presence that isn't easily missed. The best part is that it does this without being overly protruding at the same time.

If your ever looking for a link to amazon where you can purchase this watch check my home page it has a link you can follow, the OM is normally on page three or so of the list.